Stranded Swep models

Hi everyone,

We are looking for some new custom sweps for the Stranded 2.1 gamemode. They need to be of good quality and if so will be included in the new gamemode!
They need to look custom made, as it is the stranded gamemode.

Hatchet: Done, thank you EvilMrLee!

Pickaxe: Done, thank you EvilMrLee!

Fishing rod, preferably wood:

Still needs to be done!

Shovel: Done, thank you EvilMrLee!


Still needs to be done!

Frying pan:

Still needs to be done!

Wooden Spoon:

Still needs to be done!


This but with wooden handles at both side.

Still needs to be done!


Still needs to be done!

Machette: (no the TF2 one ain’t gonna cut it)

Still needs to be done!

Wooden Bow and arrow (bolt like):

Still needs to be done!

Throwing Axes:

Still needs to be done!

I guess some of these are relatively easy to make. Well I hope someone can help me out :).

Ah noone?

I can maybe give it a try, I’m trying to get used to blender so sure, let me see if I can do some of them.
You need them to look ‘home made’ right?

Yeah the custom made look:

And thank you. :slight_smile:

If you could that would be great.

There’s a hatchet model over at fpsbanana;

I could probably reskin that axe But I gotta ask.

Hsy guys, maybe you should make a water fountain?


i can do the model with maya, but i don’t know how to make it a weapon…

if someone is ok with doing the compiling part, i can make a model of whatever you need.

There’s a pick in episode 2 that could be used.

Here is a pickaxe model, using crowbar default animations.

There is a frying pan in zombie panic source, but I do not think they would take kindly to someone taking their weapons.

There is also a axe in the ep2 that looks exactly like your hatchet.

Yeah, he’s working on all the gms tools

I’m finding props for him to rig for certain tools :v:

You should make a deadly accurate throwing wrench that does 1 damage but knocks you across the map for admins.

The v_models Syloan made don’t seem to work

These would make some awesome melee weapons.;11090722;/fileinfo.html
Weapon models. Problem is, the v_models don’t show up, making them useless.

prop_dynamic is on vacation, but i’ll see what i can do.

PLEASE dont use stuff from ep1 or ep2, cause i dont have those. :frowning:

They can be made into standalone packs.