Stranded Update + Tribal Wars Edition

Stranded mode seems to be fairly outdated, so I have purposed a plan to update it, and tweak it in a certain way. I have devised a plan to update it and perhaps make it more interesting and to gather more people. Below listed is my idea of things to do.

Google Document With More Updated Info

This is just a very brief layout of what I have planned, subject to change.

Gold Hatchet: 90% chance of wood. (50 gold + 50 wood) (min>10 max>15) (50 gold + 50 wood to make)
Gold Pickaxe: Increased chance of Gold ore (x2) Chance of Diamonds (50 gold + 50 wood to make)
*[All currently working in game]

Diamond (Used in crafting) (Only obtainable with Gold Pickaxe)
*[All currently working in game]

Frag (10 Gunpowder 1 Diamond)
RPG (10 Gun Barrels, 5 Gun Grips, 5 Gun Slides, 10 Diamonds)
RPG Ammo (20 Gunpowder, 2 Diamonds)
Shotgun (1.5 Smg Costs)
Shotgun Ammo (1.5x Smg Costs)
.357 (1.5 Shotgun Costs)
.357 Ammo (1.5 Shotgun Costs)
*[All currently working in game]

New larger maps, balanced each side, for Tribal Wars

Armour Suit: 100 Iron, 25 Diamonds (reduces speed to 0.5x) (removes sprint + gives 500 armour bonus)
Man-able Turrets (50 Diamonds + 250 Iron) can be placed as defensive turrets
Possibly some new textures for HL2 items + for gold tools.

Try to make all props destructible [like the destructible GMod addon tool]*
*(If not, for tribal wars all structures must be made from destructible props)

If anyone likes the idea, wants to give help or feedback please let me know, who knows this may become popular. 70-80% of this stuff I can do right now, the others will just take a bit more work, but it is very easily manageable by me.

I do however need people to test + play it, and possibly a server for us all to play on.

All comments positive and negative will be appreciated, and any help with man-power or ideas would be much appreciated.

Add me on steam (japer1992).
~ Japer

I think that you’re going in the wrong direction. rather than adding more guns, or even explosives, you should fill in the rather large gap missing that is lower level weapons.

Try adding spears and swords first. Or if you are running into trouble with modeling, add the hl2 crossbow first.

That I had thought of myself, there’s a nice HL2 bow modelled with full animations and sound, along with swords etc which would be much needed for the game. There would be higher level items + lower level weapons included too.

However, I have not received much feedback regarding it, it seems that the game mode has died out, which is a shame because with an update it would be much better, and adding an entire new combat section to the game would prolong game play as oppose to Get resources>Build a base>Repeat

Combat in Garry’s mod is always going to be a snore fest, in all this time and with all these advances in coding and whatnot, I haven’t seen a single mod or game mode that had made combat fun in any sense of the word.

Sure you can have fancy shit like tanks or gun turrets that require more E2 scripting than the game itself, but pure and simple gun/sword play leave alot to be desired, as most gun packs strive to have the most models, or to have prettiest effects, or whatever.

Basically, combat sections in Garry’s mod are not a good idea unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.

Well that I couldn’t agree more on, but if you’ve played stranded extensively you’ll know that theres only 4 weapons (on the servers i’ve seen) and yes the game mode is ‘stranded’, but if your stranded on an island with others, you’ll want to kill them off etc.

So I want to take the game mode from how it is, and add more of a base building aspect and more fighting, to kind of give the game mode a little push in a different direction.
Make it so that it’s not only who has the bigger (better) base, but who can defend their base better, add some strategy. Kind of like a fort wars addition mixed into the stranded game mode. And like LagMonster said, you can attack others with primitive spears,bows, rocks, swords then slowly advance your technology to more sophisticated weaponry and defence.

Generally giving the game more of a combat feeling, the feeling that your never safe and others may come to take your stuff and to make the general game mode with more features, greater goals and more interesting.

No one wants to build towards peace, No one.

If you have need of help/want someone to help, give me a shout.

Was working on my own version, but got rather bored of it.

Added you on steam, perhaps we can discuss ideas and see what is manageable.

Stranded update is in production, and seeking new helpers/testers.

Apply today!