Welcome to Stranded++. a custom gamemode.

This is the best Stranded Gamemode G:MOD has, hence the reason you opened this thread…
You might have never played GMStranded, or Stranded++ before so that is why you are looking at this menu right now.
This gamemode is all about surviving, now this is not Discovery Channel, so no Bear Grylls nor Les Stroud. This is about you and your fellow stranded players.

To start out you need to get the main life necessities, then I mean water, food and shelter.
In order to get water you need to go to a lake or the sea and press E whilst being inside the water, or just simply stand in the water.
Now press E on the ground to look for seeds to plant so you can eat the fruit from those plants. (It takes a while before the plant has grown)
Now, for the shelter part, find a tree, use you hands to break the wood from the tree so you can spawn wooden props to sleep under.


You need food, water and sleep to survive. You can track all three stats, as well as your health,
by looking at the HUD box in the bottom of the screen.

If you lack any stat below zero percent, you will lose health, and eventually die. To get food, simply press use on anything edible. It will instantly increase
your food gauge, and also a little health. To get water you can either press use on something drinkable,
or simply stand in the water anywhere on the map. To sleep, you can use the chat command
!sleep, which will put you to sleep. You can then use !wakeup while sleeping to wake up.
Watch out though, while sleeping you quickly get thirsty and hungry, so be careful not to starve in your sleep.
In addition - you need to sleep in safe shelter, or else you’ll lose a lot of health while sleeping.


You will gain skills by performing their respected actions. For example, by chopping wood you gain lumbering skill.
Skills are useful for reducing process times and unlocking features. For example, at survival level 3, you can sprint.

Resources are gained through performing various actions. For example, you can get wood by chopping a tree.
Resources can be used for various things such as spawning props.


Tools are gained by making them at a workbench. Tools are useful for bettering your processes.
For example, you can gain much more wood if you cut with a hatchet rather than your hands.
Some actions can only be used with a tool, such as fishing with the fishing rod.


PvP, your hands start doing 5 damage when you hit level 5 Survival level, and progresses as you level up
E.X. Level 5 = 5 damage per hit, as Level 6 would = 5-6 damage.
Stealing IS ALLOWED! It gives you a reason to kill them though.
You have access to all props, get the resources, and build, protect your things.


This is a BETA gamemode! It is completely custom too! It will have bugs. Please report them to Ankleteeth or another admin
Do not panic, they will be fixed, and more things will be added.
How to get started**

To start out, you find some water. You can bottle the water for later by pressing use on the water.
Secondly, you should secure some food. By foraging the ground (Press USE on the ground), you can gain seeds, which can
be planted to grow into various plants. For example the melon seed grows a melon bush, with watermelons on it.
Once you have food and water, you should get some wood or stone, and start building some shelter. When sleeping,
you should be under shelter, if not you’ll lose health. To gain wood, use your hands or a hatchet at a tree.
To gain stone and/or iron, use your hands or a pickaxe at some rocks. Once all this is done, you can start choosing your own path!

—PLANS—(No order!)

Fix all current small bugs. {Almost Finished}
Re-do HUD. {Started}
New tools. {Not Started}
New structures. {Not Started}
Organized, but still large prop menu(Q). {Started}
New Scoreboard. {Started}
No longer dependent on ULX, adding all needed commands to the Stranded++ Admin Menu. {Almost Finished}


Please report bugs to this thread, ideas are ALWAYS welcome!


Get rid of this trash!

Anyways nice gm!

Edit: wait, wheres the dl link?

It is most likely a advertisement of his custom private gamemode, or unless the OP astonishes me, won’t have his gamemode released to the general public.

I will release the first copy when it’s finished to the public, but once the first copy is released, I will already have a complete remake of it that is much better for myself.(I’m still working on the first copy)

So you are going to release a crappier version while you keep the other one private.

We’ve already got a much better Stranded remake in the works, you know:


Not a “crappy” version. But a working, easy to add things, and less complex version.

It’s not a Stranded remake that’s normal. It’s a completely different type of Stranded that involves building, PvP, and real basing, not having a few things and that’s it. Resources aren’t protected, so you need to build your base better to protect your things you’ve worked hard for. The body of the OP was from the very first version of Stranded released. It was made by the people who thought up of Stranded in Garry’s Mod.

So basicaly you took stranded and made the worst parts worse

The worst thing about the original stranded was some high-level player making a gun and just sitting and killing everyone until they get bored

my god this is no where near stranded related

its like dark rp but worse

I won’t be adding any guns besides a simple cross bow which isn’t the best in PvP pretty much. Unlocks will be abundant, adding more and more as it is. This isn’t anything like the stranded that’s been around. It’s a different approach to the whole Stranded gamemode. It’s nothing at all like DarkRP. It’s more Stranded related than any of them.

Also, there are active admins on to prevent RDM. There are reasons to go about killing someone, but RDM is not tolerated.


Yeah this is just DarkDM with leveling and needs, and fists

RDM = Random DeathMatch. Killing someone with no reason.

So DarkRP or DarkDM has fishing, mining, woodcutting, a full prop menu that everything requires resources to make. No.

I don’t think you understand what werewolf0020 or Tobba is saying.

  • Just re-read what they just typed, and what you typed yourself.

Bad thing if there’s a PvP because it would be like this:
Someones get most equipment
Newbies join
Someones kills newbies like idiot for “stealing”
Newbies cant do anything because they have no weapons(may they have,but not really good weapons that can beat someones)
gg(Newbies ragequits)

I don’t think PvP really matches for game like this.

Congrats on posting your terrible gamemode and seeing how many dumbs you’re geting ankle. Sure is working out for you huh? Keep working on that server.

Reading the code makes me cry laughing.

There is better stranded remakes

rofl says the person who has released nothing at all? bad gamemode or not he released something that he atleast put some effort into. So nice job you’re officially a moron for making fun of someones first release. regardless of how silly the OP sounds you have to start somewhere, and so far he’s doing 350x better than you

“he did it therefore its better than you”

By that logic I cant criticize chef’s meals because I dont cook.

I dont need to be a chef to know the food is garbage

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Though I did act like a dick

you weren’t even being a critic you were just being an asshole lol.

Every one mad