Strange Advanced duplicator problem NEED HELP

i have a issue with the advanced duplicator i have a jet pack dupe and it used to work just fine. then one day it just broke i have a video of it here

“This video is private”

i made it public now

anyone? this is super annoying

Your thrusters are set to “Toggle” or “Always on”

its a adv dupe i dont think it uses thrusters

As long as the thrusters were welded when copied and saved, there will be thrusters :wink:

oh ok ill check

You didn’t make the dupe yourself, I guess. So never say it doesn’t use it unless you are really sure.

but the thrusters arnt checked off so does anyone have any solutions?

Try to take control over it via the reader thing, or get inside it.

i tried getting in it the same thing happens

Rebuild it, if you built it the first time, you can do it again.

its a adv dupe i didnt build it

Then just find a newer one

Or learn wire and build something of your own.