Strange and Unproductive Thinking

That’s all about it.

Picutre Please :

I Switched from the Kubrick Style to the Lynch style though it stills pretty gore.

Be indulgent please

Don’t add text to your pictures, or if you do, make it very subtle so that it fits in with the rest of the stuff.

The pic itself is really dark, a bit too much contrast maybe?

It’s pretty darkish. You see how the light on the left looks very strong? Well it should have a lightning effect then on the two individuals in the screen. Next time create a lamp with that same color, position the lamp on the left side and make sure it’s outside the camera’s view and aim the lamp on the two characters. That way you can get the lightning from the light soure on the left reflected on the two characters.

Well I wanted to add this time a lot of contrast to bring that syle I wanted to show, that mix of severals lamps in the scene, I wanted to make it like Mullholand drive, and Add some facts from Inland empire.

And those contrasts are made because I wanted, I know the Dark is too much is the scene but it’s the goal. :slight_smile:

And For the lamp from the left side, I wanted to add it to show some kind of clue.

I agree with the subtitles, this time it doesn’t fit at all with the text.

Thanks for your advices. :wink:

That may be what you were trying going for with the contrast, but in the end it doesn’t really work. Keep trying though to see if you can nail it and make something really worthwhile.

Yeah, I have to admit that contrast isn’t my type,I’m good at posing, but I really sometimes fuck up my pics with contrast wich burn your eyes.

I’ll try another shoot. :slight_smile:

I made an edit, check my new pic. :slight_smile:

That new image seems to have a good idea, but it looks like all you had to do was edit in that image and make it black and white.

Nonetheless you seem to have pretty interesting ideas going through your head, so keep at it and we may be seeing so quite eccentric things from you.

Well thanks Cone for supporting me, the idea of this pic was after seeing Inland Empire So I ned to put a picture about this movie though there isn’t such scene.

the Black and white effet,I can remove it, but it will make another ambiance of the scene, I ned to make it darker. :slight_smile: