Strange brush error.

Okay, just for the record here,
I’m pretty new to mapping, so please don’t flame me for being a “noob”.

I got an error in my 3d skybox after compiling my map:
Left: Hammer, Right: In-game

Why does my “clipped corner” change form like this after compiling?!
I’m getting pretty fed up with this =__=’

Hope someone can help me…

From what I see, you have ALOT of unnecessary brushes. and this happens when a brush can’t actually be put in that position. So it messes it up, try re doing it made with like 2 blocks or something. I did this with a cylinder once but it was in a much different situation and a part of it was curved like a real curve but hammer couldn’t handle it or something, or just couldn’t do it to divide it, so it screwed it up. Yours is an easy fix though.

Try deleting that brush and putting a new one there. Or you could try pressing “ctrl-p”. I’m not sure if thats the command but it should find the error. If that doesn’t work post your compile log here

If all else fails, save your map and restart hammer. Hope this works.

Thanks Peanut 117 ;D

That site helped me rid the errors.

Thanks a lot!~