Strange bug - Able to click through some objects.

I’ve never heard of this bug before, so I created it’s own thread, since I doubt one person will know exactly how to fix it.

So I got this map, which I left unattended for like five hours. When I came back I tried to select some brushwork, but I clicked straight through it, selecting the brush behind it. I then tried to delete the brush, only to find out it happens with a whole lot of brushes. I don’t see any specific pattern here, and even though it does happen with some custom textures, it also happens when I click on entities, such as lighting, and func_visclusters I have placed around the map. Any clue as to what’s going on and how I’m supposed to fix this issue?

To add a bit more detail, here’s what I’ve tried so far

Opening it in a different engine version.
Copy/pasting it into a new map.
Recreating shit - I’m obviously not going to recreate everything, but I recreated more simple parts of the map, without any success.
Saving it with a different file name.
Creating a new game configuration.
Opening it in the 2009 engine version.
Changing texture on the brushes which I can click through.
Reinstalled Source.

That’s all I can remember thus far.

Oh, and I can select stuff by either having the void in the background, or by selecting it on the grid. Once I have a brush selected using either of the previously mentioned methods, I can deselect it in the camera window.

When I compile, it does not create a portal file.

[h2]Your Hammer is haunted.[/h2]

Butrally’, are your grid screens on acid/anything out of place? That’s an error generally due to Hammer/you mixing up the GameID, of what the map was made on. (Trying to open a HL2 map in EP2. Have fun with that clusterfuck.)

Nope. Started the map in Gmod 13, and I’m still running it in Gmod 13.

Also, I do know how to properly create a new game configuration. Done it a dozen of times, without encountering any issues.

Tools>options>3d tab

make sure reverse selection order is off.

Jesus christ man, you’re a god! Thank you so much :slight_smile: