Strange buildings Wipe after server restart

Just got the strange wipe at my Rust server hosted

After restart server all building was wiped but constructions, ammunition etc… exists

Updates server to latest version (Last Updated 2015-10-02 16:12:48)

When was this reset 16:12? cause i think they fixed that save issue later yesterday.

Restarted my server because of a crash, everything is gone 16:08pm 03.10.2015

this was/is a known issue mates.

it it fixed now?

I did the restart 14 hours ago and all missing out again :frowning:

Force install the latest server version and doesn’t know - it is save or not to restart now.

Check your gameserver panel and you’ll see the latest patch was yesterday on the 5th and it was the 4th hotfix since the official thursday patch. Stay on top of things! Subscribe on Oxide and watch for Oxide updates, most of them coinicide with fp releases. You can then check your gs control panel to know if there was indeed a patch.

yes, thank you. today i did the force server & oxide update, restart and seems all going OK :slight_smile:

We also have a fully updated server and restarted it, today at 12pm wst aus time and peoples buildings were wiped but not the bags etc.