Strange camera lua error in console.

For the past few days now my camera tool’s been buggy. Not entirely sure why. The other day I was able to spawn a camera but not able to use it, something about the “physics body”? Well, I tried deleting a camera addon lua that I got from, and now I can spawn a working camera, but I can’t use the physgun on it to move it. Got a strange lua error in the console reading: Browser Message: event.layerx and event.layery are broken and deprecated in Webkit. They will be removed from the engine in near future. (null):1

I have absolutely no idea what that means or how to fix this. Anybody got any ideas?

Bump. I tried reinstalling the advanced camera addon, and now the camera neither work nor can be moved. If I try to undo it with z, it removes the last thing beside the camera that I placed in the map.

I apologise, but I seriously need help with this. My camera tool’s just not working properly. I can use it again, but not move it. If I try undoing it, it undoes the last action that WASN’T placing the camera.

Seriously, dafuq kinda problem is this? Oh, and that lua error seems to be gone.