Strange crash while compiling, no idea what it is.

I’m trying to compile a map but it’s consistently freezing at the point shown in the top image.

Here is the map info if it matters.

I’m using hammer.exe located in steamapps>common>Half-Life 2>bin, using HL2Ep2 and using textures/models from CSS using GCFScape, and some other custom textures (that has been no issue before today).

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Show the complete log, judging by the contents_solid error, you probably have a leak, in which case you really should fix it before letting the map fully compile.

A leak is impossible, as the map has compiled fine beforehand, and since that successful compile I’ve only made minor changes INSIDE the map.

Getting the complete log is also impossible, as you can see the Process Window is not responding, so I couldnt scroll or select anything even if I wanted to, otherwise I would have provided it.

On more pleasant news, it seems after waiting a few hours before trying to compile it again (with the exact same settings), it worked. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. It just worked suddenly.

Usually .log file is saved in the vmf directory, it’s a text file which contains everything displayed in your window. Please post it if you find it :wink:


Didnt read.

sounds like a leak. but would help more if you posted the entire thing.