Strange CTD.

I just managed to recreate multiple times a certain crash to desktop ‘hl2.exe has stopped working’ error. It happened when I froze an open-ended container, froze it in mid-air, put a nuke crate (nuke pack 4) in the entrance, some tnt behind it then a dynamite, went to the other end of the map and set it off. The explosion sound played, then looped once, then ‘hl2.exe has stopped working.’

The map was gm_flatgrass, Addon involved was Nuke pack 4. Ask if you want my hardware, bear in mind i installed a new CPU 2 hours ago. Any help with this?

I think I’ve found the problem. It seems to be caused by explosions from Entities and Weapons that are added on. The three or two addons I’ve had a problem with during testing are:

Mad Cows Weapons (Rocket Launcher Explosion) OR A plane addon with RFL, F-13 and ‘Helicopter’ which looks like an MH-6 little bird. One of the two caused me a CTD 10 minutes ago when I destroyed one with the other.
Nuke Pack 4 (TNT Crashes the game)

After more testing and disasters :open_mouth: I have found that it IS the Mad Cows Rocket launcher and the TNT that cause the crashes. Also it happens randomly when using the RFL and F-13. Help!!?


Instead, just don’t do this. The nukes are very laggy, and sometimes badly scripted.

Can I have a solution that makes the game work as I want it instead of removing features?

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