Strange error regarding cylinders.

I’m makin’ a map with rounded elements, and the corner pieces of the wall are rounded squares [well really squared cylinders.]

This is how I do it, I flatten out the edges of a cylinder to create a rounded corner. Vertex tool, obviously.

The Finished result.

The error I get when I try to load the VMF file. I only had 1 solid removed this time, because I didn’t feel like making all four again. Yes I recreated the problem to show you.

Haven’t tried compiling, it would probably freak out. If anyone has any insight on this problem, greatly appreciated.

Well I immediately notice that that brush isn’t tied to a func_detail so it would cut the shit out of the visleafs, probably through the entire map.

But the real reason it’s not working is because there’s connected coplanar faces. Currently just one flat side of your brush is subdivided into 8 different faces. This can’t be compiled. Simplify the brush so that a flat face is ONLY one polygon, and not a bunch connected together.

EDIT: Why not just send me the VMF and I’ll remake the map how I would have made it if it were my project. Trust me, I’ll help you fix any number of absolutely huge problems with your map.

EDIT: Oh wait, the problem is with the VMF, I thought it was with the compile. Ill just make an example of how you SHOULD be doing this and upload it.



Thanks man, I actually learned a lot from that VMF. Much appreciated. :smiley:

It really only shows the final product and not the method so you didn’t learn as much as you could, but the rest will come with experience I guess.