Strange error when opening map.

I get this:

then hammer immediately crashes.

i really, REALLY, don’t feel like losing all my progress.
what do?

This ins’t the 100x better than Hawx map is it?

yes. yes it is.

why do you think its called ‘holier than thou’?

Open the .vmf with a text editor and go to line 226353. Look for characters which don’t belong there. Like a " too much or missing { }, etc.
Edit, save, open in hammer.

Use Notepad++ not Notepad :v:

Unfortunately, the name of the file has attracted the attentions of Poseiden and he is systematically destroying your map.

You can use notepad :slight_smile:

[h2]what the shit is this fuck[/h2]

Change that line to “visgroupautoshown” “1”

you win
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