Strange error...

Hello, on my server I have f2s stronghold, and clients are getting an error on the following line.

net.Receive( "sh_gameending", function( intMsgLen )
	GAMEMODE.GameOverTime = CurTime()
	GAMEMODE.GameOverRealTime = RealTime()
	LocalPlayer():SendMessage( "Game over!" ) -- HERE!
end )

It says SendMessage is a nil value

I have not touched this file, neither do I get the error, it says that clients get the error in clientside_errors.txt

It is the file cl_networking.lua

SendMessage isn’t a default function. Try replacing it with PrintMessage.

Too late write

I had thought about that, but wanted a second opinion, do you know if SendMessage has ever been a default function? If so, it might explain why it was used.

No, but there’s this:

Thanks for your help.