Strange Face lighting.

I’m keep getting this strange lighting, what’s the problem of this?[/thumb]

looks like broken smoothing

How do i fix it?

Illumposition in vmt?

you’ll have to remake the smoothing groups in whatever modeling program you use

I did Auto Smooth with 3dsmax.

how did you loose the smoothing on those citizen heads doesn’t make sense

Re-importing SMD files can cause smoothing issues and usually ends up truncating them altogether. I’ve been told this depends on the version you use and/or the plugins you use but smoothing groups are gone nonetheless.

Just set the whole face to smoothing group 2 and select the head by material, then set it to group 1. That’s really all you need to do for the heads. You could even just set everything to 1, but at the least this will let you split the mouth and eyes.

Do they use lightwarps? I’ve seen a similar case where if a lightwarp uses clamps, it’ll create these weird specs

Is it related texture? I’m using valve’s default texture.