Strange Fast Downloads

I run 2 gmod severs one a bhop one a death run. I just recently got the death run and have put the excact same fast dl e.g. player modles. On the death run yet the fast download is extremly slow compared to the bhop. All the addons from the work shop seem to download at a much slower rate. I have added the resource.lua and got the api key and collect e.g. but its very slow. Any help?

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Do they keep redownloading every time you rejoin the server?

Also make sure they are .bz2 compressed, the files may just be very large.

No they dont its just the first time you join is extremly slow

Put sv_allowdownload 0 and sv_allowupload 0 in your server.cfg.

FastDL Setup:

My automated resource system:

I’d recommend not using pre-generated or static resource files since most of them use resource.AddFile ( which is supposed to add related files to the downloads table ) because they add the related data anyway so may as well use resource.AddSingleFile…

You may want to run a few speed tests on your server, maybe change your DNS ( on your client pc ) to Google: and if you’re bouncing around more on the second server…

Hopefully this helps.