Strange FastDL Error

Okay, I’ve done FastDL hundreds of times before; but I’m having issues setting it up on my Dedicated Server and am having a really strange issue.
I’ll describe the process I do to see if anybody can pick up on any errors I’m making.

I compress all the files I want my Clients to download using this tool I made - (I do not believe this is due to this tool as the files are compressed fine)
Next, I upload the files to my FastDL server - check it here:
I then update my server’s server.cfg with the following:

Finally, I restart my server!

Now, when I - or anybody else - attempts to connect to the server, it is saying that is download a file similiar to ‘materials/pointshop2/briefcase3.png.bz2.bz2’ (Notice the trailing ‘.bz2’)
After I have joined, it appears the files are not being downloaded as there are purple & black checkers.
When I check my console, I get the following:

I decided to check my personal ‘garrysmod/download/’ directory and it appears to have the files in my FastDL directory except they are still compressed.

If anybody has any ideas, please let me know!

Two things

  1. net_maxfilesize only affects downloads sent via the server. FastDL has no limits and ignores the convar (which is also capped at 64)

  2. It’s trying to download whatever.png.bz2.bz2 so my assumption is that whatever file is calling resource.AddFile(“materials/whatever.png**.bz2**”). The call to resource.AddFile should not have .bz2 appended to it. The engine will automatically append .bz2 in its first attempt to download the file. If that’s not found then it’ll try without the .bz2. This makes it prefer compressed files to save bandwidth and get players joining quicker.

I imagine all of the files are still compressed because on the engine’s first attempt to download the file, which is the attempt to download the compressed file (and in this case whatever.png.bz2**.bz2**, it gets a 404. If it had actually been able to download the file, it would’ve decompressed it. Since it did fail, it now tries the path fed directly to resource.AddFile, which in this case is whatever.png.bz2. This file exists, so it downloads it. Since the file was added to the download list with .bz2 already appended and the first attempt to download a compressed file failed, however, it assumes that the file it’s downloading now is uncompressed and therefor makes no attempt to decompress it.

1). Well, I’ll remove that; but it shouldn’t be related to my issue then.
2). I haven’t changed the resource.AddFile’s and the ones that were already there aren’t appended with .bz2

Please post the file with your calls to resource.AddFile

(Will the meta-characters affect this?)

Not sure - but it does look like it’s trying to escape some characters. Try switching them all to forward slashes and see if it works. That setup does look fine otherwise.

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I just joined the server you were on and it is indeed appending .bz2 to every download for some reason.

Perhaps another addon is messing with the resource.AddFile method? I see a lot of messages related to GLib.resources - what’s that?

Replace all \s with /s

ALL of those characters are being escaped.

Okay, I shall try doing that and will post an update as soon as I’ve done it!

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I still appear to be getting the same issue :frowning:
Here is the newly generated FastDL file in case it’s still of use ‘

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Fuck it, $15 to the first person who solves this for me!!

The requested URL /fastdl/garrysmod/ttt/materials/pointshop2/actualize.png.bz2.bz2 was not found on this server.

i think this should solve your issue

If you read the thread, that is the issue. Garry’s Mod was looking for files which were ‘.bz2’ twice. And I had no idea why. Acecool told me how to fix the issue and it was because I was being a complete idiot and didn’t have the uncompressed original files on my server -_-