Strange Fps Drop.

The only happends when im on maps (like Fightspace3b) that have this errorin the top right corner.
“Warning:overflowerC Client Renderables List Group 7”
My specs are.

Intel Pentium Dual CPu E2200 @ 2.20Ghz,2.20Ghz(4.40Ghz in all)
1 Gb RAM
video card
Ati Radeon Hd 4670 1gig of memory.

it happens to everyone. Especially on maps like gm_bigcity

i get 80 then it drops to 9 is there any console comand to render less of the map it is useing to many parts of the map

1GB RAM? Well, you need maybe more RAM to run big maps better.

In my case, this only happens when i do something dumb on a big map (like staring at the explosion of a nuke on bigcity)

It’s partly the maps pushing the limits of Source, and partly your PC not being good enough.

Yeah, you need a new CPU, I used to have a E2200, now I got a E6300 and its much better. (Probably because I got a 220 GT with it.)