Strange FPS Issue, not to do with system specs.

I would open rust, turn off grass etc., have my launch preferences set (force level etc.), and would get 50-60 fps for about 20 seconds, this then steadily drops to 15-23 in about 30 seconds. If I tab out of the game then tab in this process repeats. Any help?

i got 15-25 too… 5-10 in zombie areas… no command, settings, file changing, command parameters or anything else improve my fps, it is always same, no matter what. i have laptop. this is something with Unity engine and Rust game itself…

I also have a laptop, might be to do with that, no idea though.

Make sure your laptop is set on maximum performance from power options, it runs faster if its plugged in by default too, Also make sure your nvidia / ati drivers arent fiddling with the performance to save the battery

was done already… as i said its Unity engine, i have Unity engine based games and they all have similiar stutter, freezing and hang ups.