Strange freeze after playing (NOW IN RIGHT AREA!! DONT BAN O.0)

as i said before it freezes after an hour of playing (gmod) well i actully I kinda found the problem it was shader overload, But the program only saves me from that in multyplayer online, not single player. So wat happens when it freezes it only freezes the game not the computer when i press start i cant see start but i can still click it (same for CRTL ALT DEL menu) my prosesser is 2.20 pent 4 and graphics is nividia geforce 8400 gs at balenced graphics mode for 3d game settings so i hope thats anof specs so any idea to fix this?

please help this is getting verry annoying…


I had so many troubles reading that. Are you saying you constantly have 3D on?

umm the game is 3d im saying my graphics processer controol panel for 3d quallity is medium also new problem after i exit game steam is un respouncive and i have to reset it

ughhh help!

Post a screen of the error/crash message

there is no error/crash message it just freezes and nothin else

Please use correct grammar and spelling, honestly it’s hard to understand you.


Have you tried re-installing? Or rather, give us a list of what you have done.

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Better idea, upload the dump files on Garry’s “I EAT DUMPS” website.

I haven’t been able to get the I eat dumps site to work after the compatibility update, it just keeps refreshing. i let it set for a half a hour and still nothing. before the last update it would refresh around 12-16 times before displaying the dump info. i haven’t tried it in a few days so i don’t know if Garry fixed it or not.