Strange glitches in HUD and menu.

I have been getting these strange glitches with the hud, the particle effects etc… Here are a few pics to show you.

It’s weird, cos the menu glitches really do depend on where you are in the map.

At one point it’s normal.

I move to somewhere else and this happens.

Here are some other examples of glitches.


Looks like a bad graphics card/driver

Specs please

Windows 7 64 Bit Premium Family Edition
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200 2.33 GHZ (4 CPUs)
6.14 GB Ram
DirectX 11
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

Are your drivers up to date?

I think this is a DX problem. try mat_dxlevel 90 in console

Ok I’ll try that.

Didn’t work… Actually made the game even more fucked up.

then try
mat_dxlevel 80
or even
mat_dxlevel 70

Lower DX levels mostly fuck it up, dxlevel 90 is default…

Well the way his game was in the screens was dxlevel 80 for some reason

I only get the blood effects like that :confused: Reinstall maybe?

Yeah, I like to play in windowed version. But if I don’t put “dxlevel 80” in the launch options, it doesn’t launch. Could this be what’s causing my glitches?


Already tried that


Ok, I think I’ve fixed it… I ran Gmod in fullscreen mode and cleared my launch options. Now everything is working fine.