Strange Gmod Error

System hardware specs
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 @2.16GHz, 2166Mhz,2 cores
RAM: 3.00 GB
Operating System: Windows Vista home basic.

I just got Gmod and TF2 on steam and I have a strange problem with it. When I load up the game, the main menu options have black boxes around them. This is a screen shot of it:
I wouldn’t mind if that was all, but it also means I can’t run most of the maps and I can’t see anythin on my HUB (Health, Ammo and the gun menu). I have found that if you go to the video Settings and change the advance settings (it dosen’t make a difference if its from High to low quality or vice versa), but every time i start the game it goes the same. I would keep doing the same trick every time I start the game, but 90% of the time it crashes the game.
I know i have an intel processor and i have tryed the fix Steam Sugested, but it just stoped the game from working.
The game’s not modded (Yet). and it dosen’t have the same problem on Portal, TF2 or Half Life 2.
If anyone could help, I would really apreciate it. Thanks

PS Sorry for my bad spelling.

  1. Try this in the startup line for gmod -dxlevel81
  2. Are you using a legit Gmod?

What graphics card do you have, is it DirectX 9 compatible?


Gmod not being legit or not wouldn’t have any effect on it, but if it isn’t legit, go away now and never come back.

Post your Gfx card model as well.

the graphics card is drectX 9 copatible, But i coulden’t find the neame of the maker. And yes, I payed for GMod.

Go to start and then run, type in dxdiag

That should tell you your GFX Card, I think.

Thanks. the GFX card is a Mobile intel 4 series express chipset family.

Integrated graphics. :frog:

You barely have enough graphics processing power to display windows, let alone play games.

It’s a common trap with pre-built PCs. They sell them based on “OMG 3GHz PROCESSOR AND 3GB RAM OMG OMG OMG” and then ‘forget’ to mention that it can’t play any games.

Are you saying that I can’t do anything about it?

He certainly is, unless you buy a new gfx card, Intel integrated are absolutely terrible, get a cheap £30 card off ebuyer or something.

Would that be a difecult Job? It’s just that when I went and asked about upgrading my video card, the people at my local PC shop said it was a £300 job on a Acer Aspire 5735z (My comp).

That’s because the Acer Aspire 5735z is a laptop, and they’re considerably more difficult (if not impossible) to upgrade.

For what it’s worth, start saving up money and buy a decent gaming laptop. Make sure before you buy, that it has a proper graphics card (look out for nVidia and ATi, they’re the two most common brands).

Oh shit, I thought you had a computer, fair dues, Save up some money for an “Acer Aspire M7711” they’re a PC (as long as you don’t take your laptop about for gaming) rougly £400.

Quad core at 2.5GHz

ATI Radeon HD4650



Oh well, thanks anyway. I might buy a good desk-top because my laptop won’t play Endwar or Fallout 3. does anyone know whare I can get a good PC for cheap?

Ebuyer and Dabs, they have some good deals.