Strange Gmod Lan Multiplayer Problem

This issue is rather odd, when I host a lan multiplayer server and another person joins using the same steam account the two players are treated as one, this occurs randomly. For example, undoing is shared, so player A spawns something, player B uses undo, player A’s prop is removed. Any advice?

The only thing that comes to mind is to change Garry’s mod so that it uses something besides the steamid to keep track of who made what prop and such. This would be a long and complex process though, and would ultimately be of little use to anyone else.

If money is no object though, you could just get the other player their own steam account with gmod, CS:S, etc. This would fix the problem, but would be quite expensive.

well… i have 2 accounts but it does it anyway
you could find an ipmasker, i know there are some, but haven’t had a need for them and can’t give examples