Strange graphics problems in Gmod

For some reason i cant move, or do anything on some servers. Everybodys name is pink when they chat. Plus i cant open the score board nor the q menu to spawn props or to choose a tool. Why wont it work, help?

Please post i really hate this.

ps: Its only servers with a gamemode running, like darkrp or like i dont know. D:




What are the specs of your computer?

…what do you mean?

We need to know how powerful your PC is.

How long has this been happening and have you changed anything before it started (if applicable)?

Specs or no sex. :q:

well my pc is powerfull enought, it does not have to do with my pc, i think. It must be something with the loading or something when i join.
its ingame that names is pink and sh!t like i said.
But ill get the info, if thats what you mean :P:

Graphics Card GeForce 9600 GT
4 GB of ram
Asus P5B Deluxe Mother board


its has been happeing since i have joinen one of those melon races server

Are your drivers up-to-date?


It could be a lua virus, although nothing is clear at the moment.

You’re trying to build shit on a DarkRP server? Are you really that fucking stupid?

Hey man, don’t be a hater. The section is help and support.

qtf is your problem?