strange happenings in gmod?!?!

i was playing on gta v rp a coulpe hours ago, some hacker went into it and i think he infected everyone with somthing
every key we press does somthing strange if i pressed w for forward i would say in chat “im a cheat ban me 31” and also i wouldnt go forwards i would move backwards instead
s goes forwards and would say somthing like “im a cheat ban me 29” i think z says “LIGHTBULBS” LMB i think is somthing with marbles 102 and RMB is somthnig like “BURST MY BAGPIPES” also with each button press i hear audio word saying “EAT” and with z i hear somthing like “reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” its just messed up.
also my sensitivity has been raised to maximum and when i right click it goes to minimum then left click and goes back to maximum.
i can press y and chat normally to people though
oh yh i checked my key bindings and there are no key bindings and i cant set any
please help

Hello, theprooks97 i got the exact same thing as you, its an infection. Dont try to reinstal your game, it wont work, I already tried.

i know i tried that i chck lau files and everything looked infected

Well there’s your issue, lau files aren’t normally supposed to be there?