Strange Heavy

Reminds me of Howard Babykiller. Either that or Heavy’s roleplaying as the mentally-challenged surgeon’s assistant.

I lol’d kinda.

And how do you use the HWM models? It’s difficult for me even just to get their faces to look neutral! I need like a tutorial or something for the HWM models. Or even jut the settings to make them appear normal. :frowning:

Oh yeah Funny’d

“HERE’S HEAVY!” haha, have a funny, looks good

“You didn’t hear what I said… I said… I’m not gonna hurt ya… I’m just gonna bash your brains out… imma bash em’ ** the fuck in **!! hahahah!”

All I can say is “Lol wtf”. Have a funny :smile:

This is awesome. Heavy’s face just seems to say “Durrrrrr Hyuk!”