Strange hostility on this part of the forum?

In response to the reactions in this thread, I was wondering.

Why is it such a shame to ask for help on a new project? Or just to ask whether there are some programmers with spare time left ready to help out prior to starting off a new project?

It’s probably really cool to give “dumb” ratings (as this post will most probably get soon enough) to people making requests, but at least the person in the mentioned thread didn’t go like “OMG I HAVE A COOL IDEA, SUM1 WANNA HELP ME OUT!??”. Now that would be dumb.

Just some thoughts from an old '05er.

That’s because we have every day someone on this forum asking for “omg,make this idea,im the idea guy,i will give you 50% credits”
You are a '05er(it’s not for join date elitism,don’t ban me),you should have seen more than me on the garrysmod forums,just take a look at the gamemodes sub-forum,there are always there someone asking for “omg,make this idea,im the idea guy,i will give you 0.01% credits,but you have to make everything for me,because i can’t do anything”
Oh,and because people ask always for the same project over and over again,for example,asking help for creating a class for darkrp,adding something to cider,creating a gamemode with zombies and searching for lua coders for doing anything.
You get the idea.

DarkRP is a terrible script, anyone who comes to facepunch asking for a scripter to do whatever for them with some shitty reward such as admin on their terrible server is always flamed and met with hostility.

Also, when you “represent” a community, have less than 50 posts, have a default avatar and ask for someone to go out on a limb and code for you with no reward. No one will do it.

It’s basically the same old “scripter come work for me” crap.

DarkRP can be counted as more than one reason because most self respecting coders with a decent knowledge of lua will not waste their time on it. It shows everything you should not do in lua.

Alright, I get your point gentlemen. I guess I was overestimating the level of maturity here on FP. Yeah, there hasn’t been much change of public on the forums; I can certainly see that. Still, it would be nice not to judge people so fast. The person in the mentioned thread tried to ask something in a reasonable matter and got banned the same day. That’s just stupid.

I got the idea, let’s end this thread fast while I only have 4 dumb ratings… :wink:

Beneath all the nice gramarr, politeness and well structured post, I still see a request very similiar to “omgz, lua gods!!! make me thiz and that and you get creditz kthx bye ;)”

And I die a little inside every time I see a request for a new RP, zombie survival or other stuff that’s been made a thousand times before ;( I know I bitch about this alot, but where are the good ideas people had in gmod 9? People complicate stuff to much now a days with inventories, hats, trails and whatnot. Sure it can be fun to have all them details, but they are useless unless you have an interesting idea for the core gameplay.
Take laserdance for example. It has a very simple gameplay idea: instakill guns with EPIC recoil. And it’s still 1000x better than any RP or ZS out there! (And note that this was made in gmod 9(!))

So what I’m saying is, think simple and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas:3:

Rate me



Yes Laserdance IS EPIC. ANd well I might be wrong… but its because of Gmod being popular. Gmod 9 WHo knowed it? I mean sure there were perhaps 10k ppl knowing and running it but now… We have like 500k people running it and I would say 50% of them dont use Facepunch. THen the friend of a friend tells of his epic project he had and the epic help he got here. So the kiddy comes here and makes his “Hey I got the same Idea as all the others but zeeing that they always get flamed I try it, you see Im kewl because of this epic Avatar I got!(def. one!)”-Thread. He gets flame/banned or whatever and comes back with an alt or asks his friend to post and tadam seeing that he got flamed he either: Grows up, starts spamming or/and the worst of all mostly gets a Mingebag Admin on some shitty DarkRP server.

I left out any case tell me!

Everyone’s too busy trying to run communities for fun and profit.

Virtually nothing new, nothing good, nothing interesting. Just client mongering with cloneplay gamemodes and enough drama to account for every school that can’t make a theatre club.

Good to hear that.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - mahalis))

That’s real mature. Come back when you have some arguments to disprove him.