[Strange Issue] Always downloading same addons in ALL servers

Hello there, I’ve been TRYING to play GMod for the last week but I can’t, simply, because in EVERY SERVER that I try to enter it downloads the EXACT SAME ADDONS.

I don’t know if everybody just said “Hey, let’s install the same addons, w00t” or something because I’m always downloading dozens of addons (and some addons that doesn’t even match the server, like downloading a ttt map on a rp server -with an rp map- between other things) without an end, and this happends on EVERY SERVER with the EXACT SAME ADDONS.

I don’t know what the heck is going on.

I forgot to mention that also is redownloading addons that I downloaded in a first time to avoid long loading screens.

Try remove addons folder,cache folder and downloads. I hope it work. Everything is in garrysmod folder