Strange issue on servers.

Hello there everyone,

I’m Scribble and I’ve been playing since Legacy, but recently I’ve been having an issue with servers I frequent often.
After playing on a server for a while, I will find after logging on at some point I will only be able to use items I initially have on my hot bar. If I change anything tools wont appear, consumables wont be used and gun wont appear. In conjunction with this, I can only use any kind of door once before the option to open/close will disappear. The same also goes for; Locks, containers and quarries/pump jacks. I have tried re-installing but the curious part is, which is why I think its a server issue, I can go on another server to find everything will work fine. I’m friends with the admins on the servers I frequent so I’m sure they will be happy to help. So does anyone have any idea of what could be going wrong?


After waiting for the server admin to come back online a server restart fixed the issue.
I’m unsure what caused this and how it could be fixed but this is a temporary solution I guess.


If a server restart fixed the problem then surely the problem isn’t client side. My guess is it’s server related. Is the server modded or vanilla?