Strange lag, players are lagging,admins are fine


our server is currently experiencing some strange lag. Many players are having stutters (no FPS stuttering…) and everyone is just teleporting. Rockets usually take about 1,5 to 2 seconds to be fired, upgrading walls does the same thing. Strangely enough, all of this doesnt seem to be experienced by server admins. Since I am not an admin, I cannot check any internal server settings, but I can tell him what to do if anyone has an idea.

We are playing on a modded server, usually no wipe, last wipe was on the 12th of July.
I do not know all the mods we have,but there seems to be installed:

Oxide 2
farming skill
blocked ladders? (cant place ladders when building is blocked)

Im not sure if I missed anything.

Unless it also happens on unmodded servers, all bets are off and that’s an Oxide problem.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a really weak way to advertise one’s server?

Seems to be just you, because I’m just trying to provide relevant information.

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Also, got any leads on what to change about this mod? I do not know if there are any settings which might help. As I said, I’m not an admin, so I can’t access the servers settings ._ .

I have no idea, as I’m not a server admin nor do I mess with Oxide modding whatsoever. I’m also not a developer or forum moderator or anything special. Gold Members are basically normal members, except for having a larger, animated avatar and access to a few forums nobody cares about.

However, at this point, the devs do not officially support modding, although there’s the minimal amount of care given to make sure that it is possible at all (and not, say, blocked out and unusuable). Not being an admin means you don’t have access to logs or anything that’d actually be useful for the modding community to use to track down the problem.

Running Oxide on my server with no problems at all.

Ask the admin what ping each player have to see if there’s any relevance there.

Get the admin to remove a plugin at time to check if any difference happens to the lag.

You need to check your collider count, servers crap out when they get near the limit caused by unity. Also, there is an issue where the server side client is dropping to low fps from time to time which can/will cause stuttering. I have the fps drop issue myself and will a full server and high collider limit it results in the server messing up and sometimes crashing.

I will tell him that later today, thanks for the help so far! I’m posting results later.

Aye, there are still issues with server FPS which impacts high-pop, high-collider servers a lot more than it would a fresh wipe, low-pop, for example.

I’ve dropped into the single digits at times which can definitely have a noticeable impact on rubberbanding, etc. Seems to be relatively recent, too, maybe the last ~2-3 patches.

I have the same issue on mine since last patch, it happens randomly and not super frequently and goes on it’s own usually… Had to reboot just now because of it. It’s like there’s a 2 second delay on all commands for a short while… you kinda teleport back and fort instead of moving normally and rubberband a bit. I have none of the mods listed above btw.