Strange leak

The fence leaks through the middle of the wall.

I need help immediately.

Also when I remove the fence, it complains that another prop/entity leaks.

Maybe you accidentally made a brush in that wall an entity. If not, just remake the wall completely.

The thing is, I never touched that place, I got this map from a friend to edit.

Just remove the prop and replace it with something else.

I have tried, it complains that another prop/entity leaks

That building seems to be the source of the leak. follow the line FROM the fence, not toward it.

It just goes on, after I delete the leaking entity, it complains that another leaks, I fix that, complains, I fix that, and so on.


Yet nothing’s leaking. Everything is sealed.

It’s not sealed if it’s leaking.
The only case where deleting the entity will fix the leak is when it’s origin lies in the void. And even when that’s the case, it’s very easy to fix.

Use visgroups to hide all everything, then enable only world brushes and point entities. Then load the pointfile and have a better look at what’s causing it.

The fence isn’t causing the leak. The fence just happens to be the closest entity to the leak. Follow the red line FROM the fence to find your leak.

Is the building a func_detail?

from the looks of it, it is.
Just follow the red line. Answers will be at end. (I guess)


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