Strange new issues that I haven't run into before...

Lately I’ve been running into quite a few strange issues:

  • Lights no longer have a “Start Off/On” checkbox, and automatically start off.
  • Faceposer no longer selects faces and doesn’t show anything in the context box (there would normally be something there, even if there was no face selected)’
  • When I die, my corpse becomes a physical corpse that I have to manually delete, rather than the normal collision-less ragdoll that disappears when you respawn.
  • NPC ragdolls make the squishy noise that zombie bodies do, and they leave blood whenever they hit the ground with some force.

The only big addon that I’ve downloaded recently was the MadCow weapons, but I doubt that would be effecting the way the ragdolls react.

Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be?

I think its the update.