Strange phenomenon or simply a hacker

Hey guys,
so me and a friend started to play on the “Dev-Official PlayRust.EU Sleeper” Server and there is really something strange going on. We both had full Kevlar and died instantaneously to some random guy sniping is with a fully automatic rifle firing super fast (at the Radiation Town with the road). Next thing happened is the sniped us trough walls and my friend even died once inside our house. So either the Devs’s added a 7.62×51 caliber sniper rifle or I call hacks.

So I also would like to make a suggestion. Please show the name of the person that just killed you.

Any ideas what’s going on?

I would also like to say I am rendering a video of it and soon to be uploading to youtube.

Its going to be 480p because I dont wan’t to spend ages rendering a video.
If anyone really needs HD then I guess I shall render in HD.

Either way it will be interesting to see the footage

Our suspect is this person:


He was AFK with a loaded M4 and a few stacks of ammo.

We have no proof on that but that’s what we believe.

That seems to be one of the Chinese rock glitchers.

Really? Because a lot of people were speaking chinese.

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Video proof:

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I did not know the quality was going to be that bad!
I shall re-render the video in HD.

Could be true. But doesn’t explain the redicilous aim he had and does that give you the ability to shoot trough walls? Was inside the building with the 2 tanks and he shot me from behind while I was facing the entrance doors.

It seems that can be someone with a silenced M4 or MP5 that you didn’t see cause I can’t figure anything else from the video.

judging by the distance of the shotgun from you when you died, he was desync’d, he was invisible to you, but he could still see you and shoot you. His body was pretty far away to you, but if you found it and killed that, it would kill him wherever he was walking around invisible on the server.

Were you still able to retrieve your stuff? As far as I know, people cannot loot while being desynced.

1st time you both died sounded like a shotgun but fired from a quite far away distance…

I can garuantee now 100% its a hacker, I am getting killed through my metal house by a M4 ( I think) that is EXTREMELY far away I am getting raided at the same time and I give up on the Server and Game :confused:

Just happened to me right now, shotgun sound really far away and insta died

This guy claimed on chat he killed me:

He’s steam friends with Mitu, the guy you suspected from:

VAC,do your thing :wink:

Dupe Bug should be fix,but now their is more space for other hacks.hmm

Okay no need to proof anything anymore. 100% hacking. One dude is killing us accross the damn map. Need Admin help ASAP.

Well that adds up, devs need to global ban both of them.


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VAC??? nawwww.

VAC just detects third party programs that hook into the games process.
That can be bypassed. - Ex Hacker

VAC is useless it is a good Hacker Deterrent and yes, it can detect some hacks.
In times like this I wish VAC bans were instant instead of delayed to ‘trick’ the hacker.

Now he was on an Instant Craft Server.Type only 000 on Chat and than he runs directly to me.I was between Rocks.He couldnt see me.If i move a lil bit to the right,he changes his Direction too.
And damn,he runs faster as all i known.Could be Speedhack.

He runs a Distance from ca 100 metres and than an high mountain where you couldnt run in 5 seconds.Just have enough time to log out (nosleeper)

Yeah it is the same desync bug from a while ago. Some people can reproduce it on command by messing around with their ethernet cable etc.

Dude it isn’t a desync bug. Me and my friend got shot and killed INSIDE our house with doors shut, trough the walls. How can that be a desync? They can also open OUR doors. It’s a small group of people. All chinese.

They can not open doors, here look is a video of how the desync works, if you open your door then their “Ghost” can just wait and go inside when you open up lol…