Strange readings from FP Amsterdam II console, 3 differnt IP shows in these prt.scr and as "Server not official".

I noticed today 18:15 to 19:45 (6:15 - 7:45) CET there have been some changes in Rust console, 3 different IP addresses showing up as Server not official:
At this time 18:15 some guys tried to raid us, shooting through outer walls inside to 1st and 2nd floor also shown. This might be a bug or connected to the issue.
Time frames noted do to server log checks if possible. Now hard for me to show it is FP Amsterdam II, so I think FP need to check this issue. You have to trust me on this one.

This IS not a cheat/hack report. Mainly focused for them IP addresses with server names showing different tags.

Steam ID: Steam Name: Invid as info if needed.

Screen shots included.

What you’re probably seeing is the console updating the server list and filtering out servers that are either not official (but are in the official list–a no-no), or they’re not even real servers and are redirector servers that will all send players to another server. This kind of thing is fairly common in games, where there’ll be 10 fake servers that all point you to a single server, concentrating its popularity by making it more likely that you’ll get to it.

And it’s something that garry is taking steps to deal with. However, I don’t know exactly what those ‘server not official’ entries actually mean, so hopefully we’ll hear about it soon.

Also FYI this isn’t isolated to Official servers - I see the same output in mine often, so I’m sure this output crops up on every server…

The above servers are trying to fake their way into the Official server list - which is thankfully filtered.

Note the ‘official’ tag under Tags which is what designates whether a server is official or not. This can only be done by force-editing their tags which are usually set automatically.



It also pleases me to see that all of them are empty, so garry’s blacklisting is working.

BTW, if it’s unclear, the reason these will be showing up in the console when you’re just on a random server is probably from the server list getting occasional background updates, and then performing blacklisting for servers that fake their way into the official list to gain player traffic.