strange results in file.FindDir

I was testing something and got some weird results… (below)

lua_run for _, dir in pairs(file.FindDir("…/addons/*")) do MsgN( _…" "…dir ) end


1 checkers
2 chess
3 common
4 go
5 hearts
6 spades
7 counter-strike
8 day-of-defeat
9 default_sent_pack
10 derma
11 hl2_ep2
12 portal
13 tf2
14 zeno_clash

(everything else above this is all my addons)

Anyone else get these results?

Looks normal to me. Those checkers… and so on folders are there from the engine base.

If you just want a list of your actual addons, use GetAddonList(). It lacks those extra entries.

Or Garry hid some board/card games. Maybe that’s what he’s been up to…

Nah, those “games” have been there forever… I found them once when installing a server and had no idea what they were. Probably some simple games valve made or something to play around the office. Haha.

If anyone cares, they can be found in the “base source engine 2” under “platform/AddOns”

The ones used in Garry’s Mod can be found in the “source 2007 binaries” GCF (I assume it’s this one) - platform/AddOns.

Yeah, they can be found in a few of the GCFs.