Strange RP Crash

Yesterday I brought a server and installed a custom RP gamemode, but whenever a class that required voting was chosen the server crashed (eg. Mayor, CP ect.). I then thought my gamemode was causing this so I removed it and tried with the most recent version or dark RP and this still happend. Does anyone know how to fix this or should I just reset the server?

EDIT: Tried reseting it, still dosen’t work

try looking at your other addons, make sure they’re all compatible, and if you have stargate get rid of it unless you have a good reason for having it. it messes up many things.

if it is dark rp the use the svn it has a fix because the “grate” new update fucked everything up

I removed everything, so it can’t be that.
Thanks anyway


Hey, thanks, that did work. I didn’t even know that there was a SVN for darkRP.