Strange server console spam

Opened up my server console a bit ago, and see the server spamming nothing but:

[lua]gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 25.61 ms!!!
soundent(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 25.75 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 25.83 ms!!!
shop_screen(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 27.40 ms!!!
charger_adv_health(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 27.52 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 27.59 ms!!!
spawned_weapon(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.19 ms!!!
drugp_coke(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.29 ms!!!
moneycoolant(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.47 ms!!!
spawned_weapon(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.70 ms!!!
spawned_shipment(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.79 ms!!!
spawned_shipment(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.85 ms!!!
drugp_coke(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.92 ms!!!
spawned_money(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.01 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.08 ms!!!
moneyprinter(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 31.06 ms!!!
spawned_money(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.07 ms!!!
drugp_coke(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.28 ms!!!
moneycoolant(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.70 ms!!!
soundent(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.79 ms!!!
spawned_weapon(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.88 ms!!!
spawned_shipment(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.98 ms!!!
spawned_shipment(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 29.08 ms!!!
drugp_coke(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 29.16 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 29.23 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.45 ms!!!
shop_screen(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.60 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 28.67 ms!!!
moneyink(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 24.94 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 29.67 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 30.35 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.94 ms!!!
player_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.29 ms!!!
spawned_weapon(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.43 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.97 ms!!!
spawned_ammo(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.37 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.92 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.02 ms!!!
present(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.09 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.44 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 22.93 ms!!!
gmod_hands(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 23.49 ms!!!
drugp_coke(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 23.57 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 23.62 ms!!!
moneyprinter(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 20.97 ms!!!
scene_manager(.PAVCBaseEntity@@) thinking for 21.11 ms!!![/lua]

Repeatedly…hasn’t done this before. Something worth looking into or?

Do a search for all the string “thinking for” or “ms!!!” in your addons to try and find where the code is being run from. Especially search addons you’ve recently installed. If you are adding any workshop files, those too could be running some code like that, so I would check prety much everywhere that it could be.

Try another map.