Strange Server Issue,showing more players on the server then there is.

I have a strange issue with my server.After being up for around 2-3 hours it starts showing more players on the server than there is.For e.g it shows that there are 24/24 players while there are actually 15 on.This has been happening for a while now since the last gmod update.When I restart the server it goes back to normal but after 2-3 hours again same issue.

sv_master_legacy_mode 1

Surely using sv_master_legacy_mode 1 will get his server unlisted from STEAMS Master Server List.
I too am having problem’s with “ghost” player’s on a server I help run, sometime’s the player count read’s 26/24.
I’m hoping the next update will fix this problem as it was supposed to be fixed two revision’s ago.

Don’t post about things you don’t understand. It is the fix and has nothing to do with whether or not his server will show up on the masterserver list.

Maybe if you spent more time trying things out that are recommended rather than saying “LOL NO THAT WON’T WORK” with your (null) expertise you might learn something useful about running a server.

There could be 2 issues at hand here.

  1. For the 26/24 players thing. It could be probable that the server is using FakePlayers.

  2. Players could be downloading any custom files. Are you sure you don’t have some ridiculous amount of downloads?

I’ve already covered it. It’s a masterserver problem, running the old way fixes it. It’s caused by players disconnecting but the Steam servers (for whatever reason) don’t find out, meaning there is more players than there is.

You need to blow off some steam mate. An attitude like that doesn’t get you very far.

It’s got me very far every other time I’ve proven someone is being an idiot. Which I’ve done alot here over the years.

Haha wow Radapalf, why don’t you just take a seat and calm down, I was under the impression that by using sv_master_legacy_mode would remove a server from STEAMS Master Server List.

Plus did I actively piss you off? no, So instead of blowing your top and getting worked up over text on a screen how about calming down and just pointing out that what I thought was to be right is now incorrect and state your reason why instead of being a total dick about it.

Now in regards to zeromancer, no we have not got fake player’s enabled, and the amount of custom file’s our player’s download is little, I noticed the whole 26/24 player’s problem after A) upgrading onto a window’s server and B) after the last GMOD update.

I doubt the server is the problem as it’s only the TTT server that suffer’s from this problem and none of the other Win servers.