Strange server list issues

Hi i live in the UK, when i used to refresh the server list a bunch of english servers used to show like civilgamers and zarp and superiorservers redirect servers also, with countless other low/medium pop uk/english servers then after thoose the french servers would load and eventually a couple of german then it’d stop.

Now for some reason on my desktop pc’s server list just floods with french and turkish servers and im unable to connect to servers like superior servers and civilgamers and zarp manually.

Things looked into:
garrysmod is allowed through windows firewall
ports 27005-27020 are open on the router for the local ip in use
pinging the servers ip with cmd and tracert (yes they show up and work and report the pings)
using a 2nd pc on the same router and internet connection but this one isnt port forwarded shows as it used to with the english servers
hosts file for anything that shouldn’t be there

These issues are making no sense to me any1 got any ideas?

console paste:

Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Connecting to…
Connection failed after 6 retries.

Why remake a thread within a day of creating your last one

cuz i did it in the wrong location apparently

Are you running a VPN or proxy? It would explain why you’re loading servers far from your actual locale instead of those close to you. The server browser takes ping into account more than anything. Certain people on VPNs have also been denied connection to the ZARP servers for security reasons so I advise that you disable any such things.

Else if this isn’t the case you should check any recent changes to your local network or PC.

I did have tunnel bear installed, i uninstalled and removed the the device from device manager still wasnt working, but i ended up breaking my windows 10 install n couldnt be arsed created a bootable usb for it so i just reinstalled windows 7 and it appears to work. Weirdest problems ive ever had idk if gmod had remembered the vpn and just uses that idk makes no sense to me :P. I also set my router to default dunno if this contributed or not

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nvm its doing it again wtf…

edit again:

im so retarded instead of port forwarding i port blocked… legit so stupid