Strange server problem

Evening, everyone.

As I’m sure some people know, I run my own server for my team on Garry’s mod, it’s only a listen server, but it seems to do the trick for now. Now the problem I’ve got, is that we’ve got three users on frequently including myself, which is a good friend of mine and my brother. For some reason, whether all of us are on, it’s just me, or it’s me and one of them, we seem to hit this problem where the screen freezes and, after a fair amount of time, a window pops up saying the following;

‘The instruction at “0x10523b6d” referenced memory at “0x0f341454”. The memory could not be “Read”.’

Now personally I don’t get what on earth this means, nor how to fix it. Is there anyone who could help me with this problem? Any advise, or maybe a pointer to somewhere that can help me?

Cheers alot, hope I can get this fixed soon.


Basically, in simple terms, Garry’s Mod crashed from overload.

Hm… How would I fix this little problem?