Strange shadows on UV edge

so, I got somewhere with that sponge model and it looked fine in maya and mudbox.
However, on one edge I’m having this issue (circled in red) where there’s some kind of shadow, and it’s not appearing anywhere else. It looked fine in both apps and I only noticed this problem once ingame.[/thumb]
the UV :

Any idea what could be causing this ? Could it not come from the UV and be a mistake from the model itself ? This sponge is only a subdivided cube with smoothing applied.

Do you have a normal map on that as well?

Yes I do.
I removed the normal map and the bug vanished. I’m guessing it was doing this because my parts are separated on the UV map ? Everything should have been in one piece on the UV right ?

It’s because of the seams. I blame CrazyBump. It gave one end of the sponge a different height than the other end.

Yep I use Crazybump for the normals. Anyway this model doesn’t necessarily need one, it was mainly a test. Thanks !

edit: if you want it released just tell me

try flipping the green channel on the nrm.

What about smoothing groups? Look here: and

I use Maya, not 3DS. However the sponge model itself is smoothed (I ticked the smooth option). I’ll investigate this later and see what happens.

I didnt mean that it wasnt smoothed, I ment what that guy in video told about smoothing: If you use just one smoothing group for entire object those dark spots as seen in video on that wing can appear. I dont know how autosmooth works but idea just popped up in my head, this might not be your problem at all, I just mentioned it because it might be among others.

It is definitely CrazyBump.