Strange sign_demo textures

Open the texture browser in the Hammer editor, and type “sign_demo” in the filter box. You will see some interesting sign textures, such as “AI TEST LAB” and “PHYSICS INTEGRATION”. These look they are from an official Source test map. If this is the case, where can I download said map? I always like these demo maps.

So you are asking for Valve’s test maps…?

I have an old particle benchmark testing map containing a very epic rain particle system, an odd flowing sand particle orb thing and a sphere made from smoke, which periodically explodes and reforms.

But that’s all dev textures.

It doesn’t exist.


Uh…yes? Any particular reason they wouldn’t give them to me?

Because most likely they don’t exist.

Why wouldn’t they? The materials are there; they most likely made a test map at one point.

That doesn’t mean they still have it.

Actually, they most likely do. I don’t think valve would delete content, especially not when they still have all the un-leaked, un-released models from the old hl2.

That’s true. But… Just saying. Maybe they made those and never got around to making the test map? Anyways, if you want Valve to give it to you, then you should probably email them.

The particle benchmark test is a standalone. It contains the entire HL2 engine and whatnot, so it is rather big, and therefore, I won’t share it because I’m far too lazy to upload something that big.

Why would you want it anyway?

Its a good benchmark.

Don’t you see that what you’re asking is really, really stupid?

Why would anyone own the valve test maps?

The same reason people own the HL2-beta content. And other leaked stuff, Valve isn’t really the masters of keeping stuff to themselves…