Strange texture...

Hi. I was mapping for gmod when I saw a different default texture. I applied it to a wall, and it said
You have 4 bans
on record.
5 will be an auto perma”

What’s up with that? I didn’t do ANYTHING bad! D:

On a map texture when you were mapping?

Hahahaha, how the hell did that happen.

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I am 99% sure it’s absolutely nothing, just a texture Hammer auto-configured that is set when you actually do get banned. If you’re still concerned about it, ask Steam support although they’ll probably tell you the same thing.


If it’s randomly in the files and you didn’t do anything bad, then it’s just a “bookmark texture”.

It’s a file you downloaded from a server that uses a custom banning system. The texture was just added because you downloaded it and Hammer automatically added it to the texture list.

Ah. Thanks