Strange visual artifacts

I began recently to experience a lot of texture problems

Like that it doesn’t seems too much trouble, except that sometimes it looks like walls of my house are missing, I walk in a texture orgy, blinding my sight, and sometimes the weapon in my hands turn into a ball of random textures in the middle of a gunfight, forcing me to store my weapon and unsheate it to see something again.

Is that a problem other peoples are experiencing ? I play rust on this settings :

Screen resolution : 1680x1050
Graphics quality : good
Things on : Depth of field, Ambient occlusion, Anti-alliasing, High quality bloom, Lens dirt, Sun shafts, Sharpen, Vignet, Color grading.

Get a new graphic bro. Yours its fucked up

Maybe try to validate integrity of game cache.

PC specs please?

Texture glitches like that can often be attributed to your GPU overheating or your clocks being set too high. Is your GPU overclocked?

Like he said… I tried to overclock mine same happened to me

When was the last time your upgraded your GPU software? Dx? Check if your pcs hardware is up to date

Looks like your graphics card is either overheating or just about fucked man, you could either monitor your temps in rust or run a gpu stress testing program and see how she goes. If it is your graphics card underclocking it may help.

Yea. What card are we talking about here? What is your pc specs

I’m having the same problem with a brand new 4790k r9280x gigabyte gaming 7 ssd, just recently I’ve been getting color bubbles or artifacts.wood

I had a similar problem when my 7870 2gb was overheating.