local title = vgui.Create("DLabel", dialog)
title:SetColor(Color(255, 255, 255))
title:SetPos(8, 4)
title:SetText("Welcome To Our Server")

Could someone explain me why it’s just showing the first 2 letters of the string in the label?

Call title:SizeToContents() AFTER SetText.

Doesn’t work. I also tried to change font but didn’t work to.

You did it wrong.

If someone needs to see the full code please tell it to me i don’t want people to stole it randomly :frowning:

Try setting the size of the text. If it’s too small, it usually gets cut off.

Title:SetSize(Number width, number height)

Make the width something big. You’ll have to fiddle around with both values until it looks good.

No one wants to steal your shit. If you want help, we can help. We can’t always do that without your code.

Well since i tried lots of things since yesterday and i got nothing i will post the function code.
I tried to use the SetSize but didn’t work too… :frowning:


any help will be gratified :wink:


title:SetSize(dialog:GetWide() - 16, 30)


title:SetSize(dialog:GetWide() - 16, 30)

As you need to set size before sizetocontents.

still not working :frowning:

Move your font creation to outside of any functions, there’s no reason to re-create the font every time you open the derma.

As for the code you posted, I don’t see why the label wouldn’t be re-sizing in width. Are you sure your auto-refresh is working or have to tried a changelevel after changing the code?

Well after 1 hour i found out that my ftp wasn’t working correctly! Thanks for everyone who helped anyways