Stranger in the Dark

Fuck the NCR

That is a very bright dot in the centre. I just can’t get my eyes off of it…

Then the dot must die.

I have no idea why but the pose reminds me of the various CoD, MoH, and Battlefiled games.
Which is weird cause I haven’t played any of them.

its a fallout new vegas pose in case you didn’t know

but i agree, there is some resemblance to COD or Battlefield.

The NCR brings hope to the wastes.

Picture looks pretty nice.

“Stranger in the dark” is fucking right, i cant see shit.

I really like the angle

the “angle” is the camera man dropping the camera when he realizes “oh shit that white dot is distracting as hell”

Oh really? Does it really matter if it looks like the shot from the film?

But yeah, that white dot is a bit irritating


Nice shot. And I really like the song, too.

Tbh, the video was more interesting than the picture.

It is pretty cool isn’t it? The other videos with this song just had promotional art for the Nazi Zombies map packs.

Dude if you’re going for the tilted angle style, then tilt it like a boss

Now he’s walking on the muthafkin wall

That’s because it is now a focal point. Also I would turn up your brightness. I understand it’s supposed to be dark, but damn, that’s dark.