Strangers of the Reach - A space documentary

Well, basically this is my first gmod movie in almost a year (I made that Road to Rome WWII movie, and that one Hotel California video.) Well anyway, this is something that I made recently, it was simple, but I think it works… Also Youtube screwed up the text, and format, so the words might be a little hard to read.

Sequel to this movie can be found here,

Incredibly atmospheric.

I could actually imagine this being on discovery channel, etc.

Though simple as you said it feels very meaningful (At least to me.) at times especially with that music. it had some very nice minute features that made it feel very, hmm I can’t really think of a word to discribe it. Besides the point I liked it good job.

Wow, that was beautiful, expertly done, and far surpassed my expectations. Gold star for you

Heh, it looked like a real Discovery channel’s documentary.
Damn nice work.

I pronounce you the new video king of Facepunch.

That was by far the most outstanding GMod video I’ve ever watched.


This For some reason almost made me cry it’s so good…

That WAS good, nicely done.

Expertly done, gold star.

Very nice :smiley:

The music somehow reminds me of X3:Reunion.

Funny how you say that, considering I’ve shown this video to others who thought the same exact thing, about the X3 music. Thanks for the comments, guess I’ll just throw out there that I kinda got the idea for the movie from watching shows like Blue Planet (pretty neat show.) I began to think, wouldn’t it be cool to see something like this, but in space?

Music is brilliant.
Very atmospheric.

that was up there with one of the best gmod movies I’ve ever seen

That is impressive! :slight_smile: How did you have those comets though?

It was done with the recently added trails feature in Gmod, the plasma trail, I think.

"We at home"
You might want to fix that.

Other than that, great movie. I have always been interested in space. I will give you a gold star.

Thanks. But I think the mood at the moment, may compensate a little for that.

That was amazing. I beg you to please make more.

This was simple but yet complex the music fit so well with the video please make more.