!StrangeRust! A place for players to call home!

Recently wiped as of 8/22/14 (3 days from wipe till PvP Starts)



• Fun loot drops. (Ie. Slight increase in weapon drops like revolvers and pipe shotties.)

• Slight difficulty curve. (P250, M4, MP5, and research kits are NOT craftable but have a slightly higher drop rate)

• 1/2 Crafting speed.

• Personal Remove Tool, only works on what YOU placed.

• Crazy fun events with rewards like hard Jumping Puzzles, Seek and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Scavenger Hunts, “Find the Hackers Gear”, and the 10 vs 10 Grand Raiding Arena.

• No wipe. (Unless the server gets to full of stuff it starts to crash the server. In which case we will do a vote with all the players to decide on a wipe).

• Durability Altered. (Harder to break things than normal).

• Access to chat command /history.

• Public TS3 server. (same address website)

• Dependable Anti-Hacks • Admin abuse free. (Admins do NOT play on the server!)

• Active Moderators to provide assistance encase and admin is not present. (Can play on the server but no admin abilities to abuse)

• Player criticism and new ideas are always welcome to help change and grow the server.

• Noob friendly and fun community.

• Server website for info and donations (funds ONLY go to server.) We currently have enough donations for starting a new server when the exp branch is officially released and we can be one of the first servers for the new rust!

Hey there my name is TJ (IGN:PrioroftheOri)

I am the Owner and Primary Admin for the Strange Rust Survival server. Through great difficulty and with some hesitation and difficult times; our staff has finally put together a server you can call home! Our brand speaks for itself when you see that we are ranked # 14 on toprustservers.com. Although our server has its ups and downs don’t let that deter you from hopping in and finding new adventure with our server. I’ll start first with the most popular worry most players have and that’s admin abuse. I address this issue by first NOT allowing any administrator the ability to play on the server, we strictly admin and communicate with our players as much as possible. I take this very serious and I have even removed one of my staff for trying to abuse his powers and he was a close friend. Although it is up to you to judge, know that our staff only has the best of intentions in mind.

To ensure quality between administrators and players we also include a moderator staff who has the ability to ensure quality play without use of “commands” to ensure so and who can contact the Game Server staff given any server issues. Next thing I would like to mention is how I run the server. I’m all about the players and I’m open to player criticism and new ideas for the server, you can easily reach me in our public TS3 server and talk to me about anything. I designed a list of questions that players vote on in regards to what the server will be so everyone gets to have a hand in helping the server develop. I wanted to make this server to be a BY the players FOR the players which is extremely unique to Rust. Our server updates are found on our Facebook page [http://www.facebook.com/groups/655340884562248/] as well on our webpage @ www.StrangeRust.com. We have future plans to take our community far beyond that of just a regular boring Rust Server; but we need you to be with us. Help us grow our population, have fun, and become a part of something much bigger than just a server on Rust. You too can be one of the first people to play the new Rust once it’s finished on a ‘dedicated to the players’ server, help us open more servers to other games a well, and be something more than just a player! Interested in streaming for us?

We are seeking active live streamers during our peak hours. If we like the cut of your character we can then post your direct feeds to our server website and help promote your channel on Twitch.tv. Included on our team is an experienced professional web designer that can offer his services to help promote your channel and other various projects that potential streamers may have! We have the skill to become something much bigger but a server/community is nothing with out a healthy community of players. The players are important. You are important! And we mean that! So please don’t afraid if the population is low and help us cultivate this community. Everyone counts, invite your friends and help it grow! Also if you are interested in joining our staff please mail us at the address StrangeRustMgmt@gmail.com

Hope to see you on!


So I checked out the server and thought it was gonna be kinda lame. Found some cool people to hang with, one of them is a streamer… so say what’s up to Hoop if you get in. Actually the PvP being off for a day ain’t to bad cause now all i have to do is farm up for when the starting bell goes off. It seems pretty cool so far and I can’t wait to see what Raid Day will be like!

Fun times so far its nice to be able to build up a bit before the murder starts. 4 hours left though till the bloodbath begins, I need to find some kevlar D: