StrangleHold Health Bar (HUD)

This is the health bar from the action game StrangleHold it displays the health bar in red and the armor in yellow.

If you know the game or not it is a rather nice looking health bar :slight_smile:

** Download **

No problems are known and it seems to be fully functional.

Extract the entire file to you’re addons directory.

If this is popular i will be making some more things from the game such as the ammo hud and maybe even precission aim.

Below is the video showing the hud and how it works.

If you notice any problems or have a question please do say.

Nice hud, I’ll download in a bit and try it out.


Would I be able to put this into my gamemode, giving you credit?

Can you pm me on more details of it.

INFO : I have constantly been asked by people lately this question - what happens if i exceed the amount of 100 health and armour?

The answer is simple, in stranglehold the health bar is only ment to display 100 health so the health in gmod will NOT display any more than 100 health and armor.

INFO: I have forgot to mention that this also comes with a new cross hair wich stays white when health is at 100 and as the player gets more damaged the cross hair will turn red.

I think you should give it more abilities and features, like a display of the map top down which can only display you (and the map, obivously) but nobody else, because that could be used as an exploit in certain gamemodes.