I have started to work on a gamemode idea that i had a couple days ago and finally am getting around to making a WIP.
General Info
Two teams fight it out over control points scattered across the map to gain mass, energy, and research points.(Yes it is very similar to a rts game) They must use the mass and energy to build barricades, turrets, guard towers, artillery, ammo crate, and vehicle depot’s. Players must also spend the Research points in tech trees to increase specific stats or unlock new buildings and weapons.

Tech Trees
Assault Bonuses to health, damage, and unlocks the Assault Bot.
Recon Bonuses to speed, accuracy, hacking, and unlocks the Recon Bot.
Engineer Bonuses to build speed, reduced build cost, and can unlock the Engineer Bot MIKE.


The primary buildings are Mass Extractors, Energy Generators, and Research Stations. All of these are vital to a teams success.


  • Javelin Stationary Artillery*
    Shoots smart shells into the air to then redirect to there target.
    (Will Upload pic/video of it in action,needs some work though)

Barricade 2000
The latest in barricade technology is the Barricade 2000 allowing you to erect a safe piece of cover anywhere in the battlefield.

Trip Line Sentry
This sentry uses laser optics to fire 50 cal. bullets at anyone who is unlucky enough to cross its path.

Swivel Sentry
This sentry swivels back and forth using laser sights to detect then shoot at enemies in it’s range of fire.

Vehicle Depot
What’s a war with no heavy metal death machines?

Control Points
Control the map for the upper hand in combat. Capture points by “hacking” into a control panel.

Slaughter Your Enemy
Cut down opposing forces to help gain personal XP unlocking preset stat loadouts and weapons.

Place the Charge
Infiltrate your enemies base and plant the bomb to destroy them once and for all.

Shields System
Shields Take damage before you do. If you’ve played Border Lands or Halo you know what i mean.
Increase the max amount of damage you can take and unlock health regen.
Increase your movement speed.
Increase your accuracy and unlock iron-sights.
Increase your sprinting time.
Increase your chance to crit.

I am looking for a better name and any suggestions.Please post your ideas!
Also i will be uploading Pics soon!

Hud (Well Part of it)

I’m sorry but didn’t you spell check the title?
** Strategy **

Sounds like a good idea, but is a level system really necessary?

Strategery is the name.

The level system is more for giving people some more aesthetic stuff, such as hats and different player models. So no not really but it gives you a goal to get different versions of weapons that are a more specific type of role. The weapons will also start to give you little perks based on your stats so that the weapon is used in the way it was meant (Ex. A sniper that gives increased headshot Crit if you have x Acc and x Luck ). Also i know that it is spelled strategy but that sounded stupid for a gamemode name where as strategery is more of a joke. If you have issues with the name suggest a new one.

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up.
My only quarrel against levelling systems is when you have to grind or when new players don’t stand a chance due to their low level.

Sounds like Supreme Commander to me :smiley:

Ya sorta like that got mashed with gmod was my thoughts for it. The leveling system hopefully wont turn out like that since i feel the same way… I’m wanting them to unlock weapons that aren’t necessarily better, kind of like how tf2’s weapons are.

Edit: I’ve decided to do away with the level system and replace it with a shield system. Pretty much how it works is smilar to Halo or Border Lands. It also allows for more possible upgrade like your shields are 50% better but your health is only 25% as much.